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Friday, June 1, 2012

Courses available for 10th and 12th pass students

Admission opportunities for students who have passed 10th/12th Posted by: "MANOVIKAS" manovikasy2k Wed May 30, 2012 1:12 am (PDT) There many other admission opportunities available for the students who have just passed 10th or 12th class.. The courses have vertical mobility system and within three years the students can pass BA, BSW, BTS, BCom along with 2 yrs of Associate Degree in -- - Corporate Social Responsibility Management --- 100% Job Opportunity - Social Entrepreneurship Management - Guidance and Counselling - -- All schools are Open for Placements - ASD/SpLD (Autism or Specific Learning Difficulties) 1st Time in India The Manovikas IGNOU Community College has Job oriented higher education and vocation oriented courses for persons with developmental disabilities (Students having Intellectual Disability, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disability and school dropout) age above 17yrs. The Scholarships from The National Trust is available for the following 6 months certificate courses in - 1. Hospitality Management 2. Retail Management 3. Basis Business 4. Office Attendant 5. Peer Sexuality Tutor 6. Personal management Contact on 011-2237 7771, 65422367 9911107772 visit

7. Abl.: Short-term (eve) courses in Social Work Posted by: "karmayog - tanya" Wed May 30, 2012 1:37 am (PDT) From: Virochan Raote Dear sir/ Madam, Kindly go through the attchment for the details of the part time (Evening Courses ) courses in Social Work. with regards, Virochan Raote Administrator and Coordinator Short term Courses ---------------------------------------------------------- N.A.A.C. Re-Accredited GRADED A+College of Social Work (Nirmala Niketan Institute) Affiliated to the University of Mumbai Short term Courses ( 2012 - 2013) Name of the Course Duration Qualification required Timings Fees Certificate Course in Advance Social Research Methodology Six Months, Four days in a week Post graduate in any faculty with at least 55%. And 2 years of field practice. 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 pm. Rs.11,000/- Diploma in Social Work One year, four days a week XII Std. Pass or equivalent 5.15 p.m. to 7.15 p.m. Rs.8,550 + University Exam fees PG Diploma in Therapeutic Intervention Skills for Psychosocial Disorders (Counseling) 1 Year, Two hours, four days a week Graduation degree in Social Work or Education or Psychology or nursing or any other faculty. 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. Rs. 13,900 + University Exam fees Civil Services Training ( UPSC and MPSC ) 6 Months Graduation or appeared in final year degree course. ( Only for Minority and Students belonging to reserved category) 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. Free Training ( Oct. 2012 to March 2013) Last date to apply for all the courses: 30th June 2012 Courses will be commencing from: July 2nd week 2012 Venue of the courses: College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan, 38, New Marine Lines, Mumbai - 400020 ( Close to Churchgate Stn.) Scholarship is available for Diploma in Social Work only for few needy students. Contact Person: Virochan Raote / John Fernandes / Neeloferr Lokhandwala Off : 22002615 / 22067345 / 9323289342 ( 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. ) Back to top Reply to sender | Reply to group | Reply via web post Messages in this topic (1) 8. Re: Articles by Jan Aushadhi or others calling NGOs to set up Generi Posted by: "G.C. Mathur" gcmbinty Wed May 30, 2012 2:01 am (PDT) Dr (Mrs)Jayashree Gupta, President, Consumers India & Chairperson, Human Rights Group, SUM, An NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of United Nations, Former Additional Secretary to Government of India & Chairperson & Managing Director Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited, A Govt. of India enterprise E 7/16, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057 Dear Dr. Jayshree, Below is a message that appeared in the Karmayog Digest Nr 5999 dated 30.12.2012. I think you are better placed to provide more knowledge and information on Generic Medicines. Please enrich the debate with your views and oblige. Thanks, G C Mathur Convenor-Trustee Treasurer, Binty ( A Voluntary Consumer Organisation) Regd. Office: H No 9-B/9, 1st Floor Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj Post Office, New Delhi: 110070 Tel: +91 11 26136232, 26132420 Email: Karmayog Digest Nr. 5999 dated 30.05.2012: 5. Articles by Jan Aushadhi or others calling NGOs to set up Generic me Posted by: "mohan siroya" Tue May 29, 2012 9:02 am (PDT) The discussion or the info made available on the above subject is quite interesting and timely, no doubt. Thanks the sudden upsurge in the "Awakening level" of our literate friends after Amir han's 'Satymev Jayate' on the subject of quality 'Health care for the masses" . 1.I mention that the concept of taking 'Generic Medicine' is not new , and I have been practicing it for some time for my needs as advised by my Doctor son in law. But the difficulty comes in procurement of the same, especially in the city of Mumbai . Hardly , there is any public demand due to doctor's not prescribing the same( Obvious reasons ,we all know).Thus even chemists are unaware about such drugs or even if made aware, do not keep these because: i) As we know such 'Generic Drugs' cost a peanut compared to the BRANDED counterpart , thus depriving them the amount of commission they get. ii) Secondly no demand/sale is being created , thanks to the 'Un-Holy' nexus between Drug Manufacturers ,Doctors and Chemists. 2. Such generic medicine shops ,although are in a few cities, none to my knowledge is available in MUMBAI. Why ? Obviously, the sky rocketting real estate cost to own/rent a shop with a Pharmacist salary to boot, is not an economically viable proposition at least in present times. Yes, the sliver lining can be achieved in future, if the present type of 'Awakening' spreads to the masses and they ask the doctors to only prescribe the 'Generic Medicine' in order to create a demand .Then in TIME TO COME, it can be achieved. To day, even if such shops get located in this vast city, will it be viable or practical for a senior citizen to commute ,spend on transportation and purchase the medicine from a far flug area from his/her residence ? The aim is laudable ,but how to achieve it ? Some suggest, let the Government give Aid. Is it possible in the present scenario in our State of Maharashtra, in view of hte Govt.'s crass negligence to common man ? If NGO's are going to set up, where are those 'Angelic' NGOs in each area with adequate resources to take care of ? And that will also require that 'FIRST A LIST OF ALL COMMONLY NEEDED DRUGS of "Generic visavis Brand" BE PREPARED , NOTIFIED AND PRESCRIBED BY THE FAMILY PHYSICIAN. Let us , therefore, harp on 'First things First' . Mohan Siroya Back to top Reply to sender | Reply to group | Reply via web post Messages in this topic (1) 9. Needed: Contacts of those harassed by HDFC Bank Credit Card Posted by: "" Wed May 30, 2012 2:14 am (PDT) From: nayana savala Subject: HDFC - harrassment department for customer Dear All, Anybody affected by HDFC - credit collection department. cheque deposited in drop box and lost by bank and bank penalising customer with heavy interest and penalty and harrassment by credit collecting agency of HDFC bank, imposing hold on fund till recovery dues are collected by bank .Nightmare experience by the customer for no fault of his /her. please share experience with me as i intend to take this matter in consumer court. please send email with complete details . Regards Nayana Savala 9869043453 Back to top Reply to sender | Reply to group | Reply via web post Messages in this topic (1) 10. Suggestion for Project on Rainwater Harvesting at Railways Platforms Posted by: "karmayog - tanya" Wed May 30, 2012 2:42 am (PDT) Subject: Suggestion for Project on Rainwater Harvesting at Railways Platforms........ Suprabha Maratheji Rainwater Harvesting Dept Municipal Corp of Greater Mumbai MUMBAI 400 001 14th May 2012 Respected Madam With reference to above, I would like to strongly suggest MCGM to take up the issue of developing the concept of Rainwater Harvesting in MUMBAI on a large scale. If only one project is taken up, at say important railway station, say BORIVALI or say ANDHERI, it will make a huge impact on all the Co operative Housing Societies in that areas, as ALMOST ALL THE OFFICE BEARERS of almost each Society pass through these railway stations, and when they see such huge project before their own eyes where the railways would be using the water collected on roof tops of each and every railway platforms, the impact could be HUGE. The same can then be advised to these people through your dept when they approach your office after seeming Boards at the sites of these platforms saying CONTACT MCGM RWH .........VT, Mumbai. I am very much sure that the above idea can go a very long way and in addition to railways saving huge amount on water charges, the AWARENESS that will be created amongst people will be very very huge. Please do the needful in the matter and in case of need, please feel free to call me at the contact details given below and will be ready to do more on above issue, with your help and guidance, in the interests of our next generations too. Mahendra D Kamdar M. D. KAMDAR & COMPANY Chartered Accountants 401 Rajhans CHS Limited Rokadia Lane BORIVALI ( West ) Mumbai - 400 092 INDIA Telefax : + 9122 28953782 Mobile + 919892650523 Back to top Reply to sender | Reply to group | Reply via web post Messages in this topic (1) Recent Activity 62 New Members Visit Your Group Y! 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  1. Retail management courses and training classes are now available with softdot and education institute in Delhi.

  2. PG diploma courses and after 10th, one year diploma courses has become as much polpular in students as other professional courses. SoftDot is also one of the institute in Delhi which provides diploma and degree courses.

  3. मुंबईत ‘जलद सोप्पी मराठी’ हे अत्याधुनिक मराठी टायपिंग टूल घरी येऊन, प्रत्यक्षिकासह इन्स्टॉल करून देण्याची सोय केवळ 600 रुपयात (सहाशे रुपयात) केली आहे.

    अशीच व्यवस्था मागणीनुसार महाराष्ट्राच्या सर्व गावात व शहरात पोचवण्यासाठी आम्हाला आमंत्रीत करा.

    जर माजी विद्यार्थ्यांनी आपापल्या शाळेला 'जलद सोप्पी मराठी' देण्याचे ठरवले तर शाळांना ते उपयुक्त ठरेल.
    शाळांच्या माजी विद्यार्थ्यांना आवाहन
    तुमच्या शाळेसाठी ‘संगणकीय साक्षरते’ची खास सोय, अगदी माफक खर्चात (केवळ रुपये दोन हजार) उपलब्ध करत आहोत.
    यात पुढील गोष्टी मिळतील.
    (1) ‘जलद सोप्पी मराठी’ हे टायपिंग टूल शाळेतल्या सर्व संगणकात इन्स्टॉल करून मिळेल.
    (2) व्यंजन, स्वर, बाराखडी, जोडाक्षरे, खास-जोडाक्षरे, खास-चिन्हे यांचे टायपिंग करण्याच्या प्रात्यक्षिकांच्या फाईल्स मिळतील.
    (3) संगणकात ‘जलद सोप्पी मराठी’ कसे वापरायचे याचे प्रात्यक्षिक मिळेल.
    (4) संगणकीय मराठीचा ‘स्वयंपूर्ण शिक्षक’ ही खास हेल्प-फाईल मिळेल.
    (5) संगणकातून मराठीची अक्षरे व शब्द, घरोघरी लहान मुलांना शिकवता येणारा ‘बालवाडी’ हा फॉण्ट मिळेल.
    (6) इंटरनेटवर फेसबुक, ईमेल यात मराठी टायपिंग करण्याचे प्रात्यक्षिक.
    (7) वर्ड, एक्सेल, पॉवरपॉइंट यात मराठी टायपिंग करण्याचे प्रात्यक्षिक.
    (8) किबोर्ड लेआऊटच्या चित्रांच्या फाईल्स मिळतील.
    (9) शाळेतील उपस्थित व्यक्तिंना याबाबतची माहिती देण्यात येईल.

    गावात वा शहरात जर एकूण दहा ऑर्डरी मिळाल्या तरी तेथे पोचून त्यांना प्रात्यक्षिकासह इन्स्टॉल करून देण्यासाठी महाराष्ट्राचा दौरा करण्याचे योजले आहे.

    आपला सहयोग अपक्षीत आहे.

    यासाठी संपर्क साधा.
    शुभानन गांगल
    मोबाईल – 9833102727
    ईमेल –

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  5. Of course there are lots of options after 10th and12th. But all are time taking and require lot of money. I think choosing any short term course would be a right decision. Course like website design, hardware course, mobile repairing course and laptop repairing course etc.