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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Womens day program on 12th March at Jhulelal Temple,Vashi, Aasra, Majlis, NGO Forum, Sosva

Navi Mumbai NGO Forum , SOSVA, Jhulelal Temple Trust & Majlis

Invites you
‘Know Your Rights’ & ‘Legal Aid camp’

organized to coincide with
International Women’s Week
Friday 12th March
From 2 pm to 5 pm.
(seating on first come first serve basis. Tea and biscuits will be served)

Venue: Jhulelal Temple Auditorium, 1st floor, Sector 9 A, Vashi ,Navi Mumbai-400701
(directly behind Vashi bus depot in the same line as the Gurudwara)

A poster exhibition with support from Cancer aid Society, will also be held at the same venue to create an awareness about different aspects related to Cervical and breast cancer.

A representative of DLX systems will be exhibiting and demonstrating the use of the unique solar lamp

On the same day streetplays based on women’s issues will also be held at 5 different community locations in Navi Mumbai between 11 am and 6pm.

Johnson Thomas Daisy Gangurde M Ananthraman

A K Bhattacharya

Press Note:
The NGO Forum of Navi Mumbai, SOSVA, Jhulelal Temple Trust and Majlis have joined hands to commemorate International women’s week with a series of activities in support of women in distress. On Friday the 12th of March at 2 pm, a ‘Know Your Rights’ and Legal Aid Camp’ will be held at Jhulelal Temple Auditorium, Ist floor, Jhulelal Temple, Sector 9A, Vashi to help women discuss problematic issues and solicit legal advice relating to domestic violence, sexual harassment at the workplace, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, gender discrimination, domestic violence, matrimonial matters etc. All women interested in gaining knowledge with regards to women’s rights and thosehoping to seek legal aid will be benefited from this workshop. A poster exhibition will also be held at the venue to create awareness on breast cancer and cervical cancer. The organizers are also hosting a series of streetplays to be performed by a community group from Colaba, in order to create awareness regarding various social ills affecting women. All are welcome to attend. Seating will be on a first come first serve basis.

Johnson Thomas

Proposal for
NGO Forum of Navi Mumbai’s

Tentative Program

1) A series of street play performance s (5 in number) in and around Vashi depot and other localities in Navi Mumbai by a group of underprivileged woman supported by Women’s Graduates Forum , Colaba, Mumbai directed by Vandana Rokde. There will be around 4-8 women in the street enactments and they will be coming from Coilaba village to perform in Navi Mumbai. The enactments will deal with women’s issues including gender, health, abuse etc.
Cost: Rs. 5000/- total

2) Majlis’s LEGAL CENTRE INITIATIVE will conduct a ‘Know Your Rights’ & ‘Legal Aid camp’ of 2-3 hrs duration, for women (free of cost) in Navi Mumbai.
Venue costs & tea and snacks to be met by host( Mr Bhattacharya will talk to Jhulelal Mandir authorities on feasibility for the 12th of march anytime between 1 pm and 5 pm. Ideal time would be 2-4 pm for the camp. He Will also look into feasibility of NGO forum sponsoring the provision of tea, water and biscuits for the participants and legal experts.( Approx cost- Rs. 2000 (200 * Rs 10))

At the same event we could also incorporate a talk by Oral health expert Dr. Anuradha Rathore for the benefit of the women present. This will also be done free depending on the Doctor’s availability for the event.

Expected audience : around 150-200 women from various economic strata.

The streetplay performances will also be done on the 12th in the evening after the legal aid camp.
We have to have the vent on the 12th because both the streetplay group and the Majlis legal cell team have indicated their availability for the 12th only.

Hope we can come together and make this event possible, We need your consideration and assent to move forward at the earliest

Best regards,
Johnson Thomas 9820466726/27546667 Daisy Gangurde
Director Director, Community Health HIV/Aids
AASRA Alert India

Dear Friends

Majlis is a public trust working on women’s rights. We are a team of lawyers
who help women achieve their rights within a legal framework.
While this is our mandate, we also spread awareness on women’s rights.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, we would like to organize for
community women / social workers / college students a lecture titled

followed by a
where are lawyers will meet women individually to discuss their problems.


Women’s Fortnight Celebration: 1st March - 15th March 2010.

For more details please contact
Majlis Legal Centre: Tel: 022 26661252 / 26662394 Email:
Nausheen: 98920 62702 / Kainaaz: 96657 67847
Petrina/ Audrey
NGO Forum of Navi Mumbai, SOSVA, Jhulellal Mandir Trust
Vashi , Navi Mumbai

Vandana Rokade,
Women's Graduate Union,Colba

Dear Vandana Rokade,
As per our telecon, We are confirming your participation and that of your streetplay group in the event we have organised with Majlis, to commemorate International Women's week. As agreed we will be paying you Rs.5000/- towards performance charges and all expences incurred by you.In lieu thereof your troupe is expected to perform in 5 locations in Navi Mumbai including 3 in Shiravane and two in and around the Vashi Bus Depot. As per program you will be met at Juhi Nagar station by Alert India staff memeber and taken to the venues in Shiravane for the three performances. Thereafter you will come at 2 pm to the Jhulelal mandir venue and give a performance for the audience present there for the workshop. The final performance will take place after the program concludes at 5 pm. Itwill be held at the Vashi Bus depot.
As you know this whole effort is for the benefit of the poor sections of society and we hope that you will put in an earnest effort to make a difference.

Looking forward to your wholehearted cooperation,
with regards,

Johnson Thomas(9820466726)
AASRA(member, NGO Forum),

Daisy Gangurde
Alert India( member NGO Forum)

Anantharaman, SOSVA

AK Bhattacharya
Navi Mumbai Action Committee
(member NGO forum)

Credit Debit
Accounts for the Program

Received Rs. 8000/- cash
from SOSVA/ Shamrao Vithal Sahahkri Bank

Payment made to Women’s Graduate Union, Vandana Rokade Rs 5000/- cash
towards 5 street play performances within the Navi Mumbai area
- 1 each in Shiravne, Kopri and khairane, 1 in Jhulelal auditorium
- and 1 in the Vashi bus depot area.

Tea ( 75 nos @ rs 3/- each + Rs 5 as tip) Rs. 230/-

Biscuits, paper plates, glasses- Rs 240/-

Camera (Alkaline 2)batteries- Rs. 45/-

Water-(18 lts) Rs. 240/-

Miscellaneous expenses(auto transfers etc.)- Rs 450/-

Total expenses: Rs. 6205/-

Balance Rs. 1795/-

Report of Event:

A total of 75 beneficiaries( largely women) of NGO’s like Aasra, Alert India(Aastha Project),Sosva, Children of the world, Stree Mukti Sanghatna, Special cell for Women, Sharan, Udaan, Prerna, Maharashtra Mahila Parishad, Saathi, IWSA,Women’s Graduate union and several others attended and benefited from the sessions conducted by Nausheen and Petrina from Majlis. As part of their ‘Know Your Rights’ effort, Nausheen started off by giving a brief on the various laws enacted for the protection of women including the domestic violence act. It was heartening to see women open-up about their problems in the subsequent interactive group sessions which involved case studies and problem solving. Thereafter the session was thrown open for Q& A. At the legal aid camp, a large number of women had problems to narrate and sought help from the experts present. In order to continue this effort a suggestion was put forward to Majlis to deploy one legal representative in Navi Mumbai( to be hosted by one NGO or NGO forum) once in two weeks probably on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays between 2 and 5 pm so that a larger number of women could benefit. Majlis representative Nausheen said that they would extend all cooperation to this effort and would work on the modalities after discussing it with their managing committee. Women’s graduate Union beneficiaries performed streetplays relating to women centric issues like dowry harassment, gender inequality, systemic failure to protect women and their rights, spousal abuse and several others in order to create an awareness among the general population. These plays were performed at five locations in Navi Mumbai. Three enactments were performed at Kopri, Kairane and Turbhe stores, one was performed at Jhulelal Mandir and the final enactment was performed at the BEST/NMMT bus depot at Vashi. Water,Tea and biscuits were served to all those present.

Hope this will suffice,
Johnson Thomas